Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oil Sketch-03

Since long time I didn’t post any new painting on my blog. Last few weeks I was doing some Animation work to make my bread and butter and after that worked on one big painting which is almost in finishing stage which I’ll be posting it very soon. Working on big painting is completely different experience. 

This is rough oil portrait of my wife which I did one and half week back but couldn’t post it. I finished this oil sketch almost in one hour. I was forced to do this quickly not because of I didn’t have time, or I want to see how fast I can paint but the main reason is that my wife doesn’t have patience to sit on one place for long time. In this one hour seating she almost took a 4 to 5 time break. There is no way I can think about using her as a model for my longer duration painting study.

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  1. U r really a great artist...and ur wife is so beautiful