Thursday, September 8, 2011


Painting still life is a grrrrrreat fun!!!!  This is my first still life. I never tried painting still life before in my life. This came out decent but I’m happy with the result whatever it came out, and I’ll love to paint more still life in future.

Few days back I had brought some ceramic pots from handicraft exhibition thinking that using theme for still life painting. But after lying at the corner of my room for couple of days it started disappearing one by one, and I found them in my kitchen. My wife thought she will use them if I am not using for painting.

Finally I decided to paint them. Though this is my first still life so I tried to keep very simple composition using two oranges, cucumber with the pot, color scheme is warmer. I used Yellow, Orange and very little use of Ultramarine blue. 


  1. Awesome work!Doesn't look like its your first still life.The texture of the ceramic pot came out so well.Loved the color harmony and your loose brush strokes.Would love to see more of your work.:)

  2. Great to see that you are working in Oils..Lovely painting..nice palette and lighting ! i liked the way you painted those lost edges..really hard to believe that this is your first still life :)